A scientifically-based service aimed at reducing the impact of Concussion on people’s lives by:

  • providing expert treatment based on the latest research for those affected by Concussion,
  • improving the general public’s understanding of Concussion through education and community seminars,
  • delivering prevention strategies for athletes and the sporting arena.




What is Concussion?

Concussion is defined as a mild to moderate TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY caused by an acceleration/deceleration of the head, which has an impact on the way the nerves in your brain function.

A force of 70-120 G’s is required to produce a concussion.

To help with context, air bags deploy at about 60G’s of force.
Heading a soccer ball produces about 18-20 G’s.
A concussion requires a significant force!

The brain undergoes a sheering force during the injury process which places a stretching load on the nerves. This leads to an initial burst of over-activity in the nerves which affects body function.

eg. Body becomes rigid, hear noises ‘bell rung’ or visual bursts ‘seeing stars’.

This burst of activity in the brain then causes an energy deficit in the brain – FATIGUE. It is like the nerves have done a 400m sprint and then collapsed.

This fatigue of the nerves in the brain can take a few minutes to a few days to take effect, and up to six weeks to heal.


Everyone’s an individual in Concussion!      

Every Concussion is ‘heterogeneous’ – this means each person presents differently and must be treated differently so don’t get confused by trying to compare concussions!

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