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Our qualified and highly experienced practitioners

Our Practitioners

Our practitioners are qualified and highly experienced physiotherapists who have completed further study to be able to offer a specialised treatment approach for concussion.

Rob Wallis
B App Sc (Physio) APAM  MACP

Watson Headache Certified Practitioner (Level 3)
Watson Headache® Approach Facilitator (Level 4)
CCMI (Complete Concussions) Accredited Practitioner
APA Titled Sports Exercise Physiotherapist

Rob graduated from Sydney University (Cumberland College) in 1985, working most of his physiotherapy life in the private domain treating sports and spinal problems. In 1997, Rob was awarded the APA Sports Title in recognition for his experience in the Sports Physiotherapy realm.

With a personal and professional interest in complex conditions such as Headaches, Migraines and Concussions, Rob has focused the past 10 years to further study and research. He is able to offer a specialised approach for such conditions and can help people with a holistic systematic approach to treatment.

He has opened four centres across Sydney to help those suffering the debilitating effects of Concussion, Headache and Migraine.

Andris Simsons

B Sci(Kin) MPhty APAM                                                                                                            

Watson Headache Certified Practitioner (Level 3)                                                                    CCMI (Complete Concussions) Accredited Practitioner                                                       

Andris graduated from Sydney University in 2010 and has worked as a physiotherapist in the private setting treating various injuries. He has developed a passion for treating people with Headaches, Migraines and Concussions and also has a keen interest in treating neck and shoulder injuries.

Andris is a Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner (Level 3) and has been using the method for over eight years. He was drawn to the technique due to its effectiveness in treating chronic headache and migraine and concussion conditions. He enjoys helping his patients take control of their headaches, through hands-on treatment and exercises, equipping them with the skills to self-manage their problem.

Sasha Mills

B Med Sci (USyd)   B App Sc (Phys)
Watson Headache Certified Practitioner (Level 3)                                                             
CCMI (Complete Concussions) Accredited Practitioner

Vestibular Physiotherapist

Sasha has been a physiotherapist for 24 years working in a variety of settings including large public teaching hospitals, as well as private practice treating sports, spinal and women’s health.

Sasha has trained intensively and worked as a vestibular physiotherapist since 2019. She specialises in treatment of concussion, BPPV, inner ear dysfunction, imbalance, dizziness, migraine and headache. Sasha uses specialised goggles to assess the eyes in the dark, to detect any abnormal eye movements known as nystagmus.

Concussion is a complex issue requiring expertise in the vestibular system.  With her experience and training, Sasha has all the skills required to assess and treat this condition effectively. Sasha thoroughly enjoys helping concussion clients navigate their recovery journey and return to normal functional activities.

Sasha offers her services from our Sydney CBD practice.

Sophie Choi 

Watson Headache® Practitioner (Level 2)

CCMI (Complete Concussions) Accredited Practitioner

Lymphodema Therapist


sSophie graduated from University of South Australia in 2017 and has worked as a physiotherapist and lymphoedema therapist in the private and hospital setting. She has developed a solid passion and continually trained to treat people with headaches, migraines, concussion and vestibular conditions.

Sophie has been exposed to the Watson Headache® Approach during senior years of her studies through her mentors and has built strong belief in this effective technique. She has further refined and solidified her knowledge and technique by completing both the Foundation and Consolidation courses at the Watson Headache® Institute, under Dr Dean Watson.

Sophie will listen to you and she will work together to develop an individualised treatment plan. She finds it rewarding to help her patients to take control of their concussion symptoms and to empower them with knowledge and skills needed to make a change.

She currently offers her services from our Caringbah and CBD practice.

Merryn Moffat

B App Sc (Phys) M.A.P.A
Watson Headache Certified Practitioner (Level 3)

CCMI (Complete Concussions) Accredited Practitioner                                                               Vestibular Physiotherapist

Merryn Moffat graduated in 1989 and has worked in a variety of settings including private practice and large public teaching hospitals. Her career reflects expertise in head related dysfunction including concussion, headache and migraine treatment as well as vestibular disorders.

Merryn’s professional interest in headpain and associated disorders began with her own struggle with migraine since a teenager. Treatment by Rob Wallis (Principal of this practice) in 2016, gave her immediate improvement, with long term relief and she remains migraine-free to this day.

Merryn has worked and trained extensively in Vestibular physiotherapy, Watson Headache Approach, and Concussion treatment (CCMI)  giving her exceptional skills to differentiate between the various causes of head dysfunction. She can provide the appropriate treatment plan to make a change efficiently and effectively.

Merryn knows, first hand, how debilitating head disorders can be and enjoys helping clients manage their symptoms effectively and return to an active, fulfilling life.

Merryn offers her services from our Sydney CBD practice.

Jeff Wolak

B Sc(HK) BA(Psych)MPthy
Watson Headache Certified Practitioner (Level 2)

CCMI (Complete Concussions) Accredited Practitioner                                                              Concussion | Headache | Migraine  Physiotherapist

Jeff graduated from Sydney University in 2009 and has worked as a physiotherapist, in private practice, gaining a wealth of experience treating different types of conditions. His focus on manual therapy and particularly his interest in the cervical spine and headaches has led him to study the Watson Headache Approach in 2012. He is consistently amazed at the the effectiveness of the technique for improving migraine and headache conditions.

Jeff keen interest in head dysfunction led him to furterh study in the managment of Concussion. As a CCMI accredited practitioner, he gains great satisfaction in being able to diagnose and manage difficult cases successfully. He is dedicated to helping individuals take control of their condition and develop strategies to maintain good health. As a passionate and empathetic person, he thoroughly enjoys assisting people in achieving their personal goals and getting the best out of life.

Jeff works at our Caringbah practice.


Janine Wallis

Partner & Business Manager

Janine is our behind-the-scenes ‘mission controller’ for all locations. With 30 years of business experience, Janine  ensures the smooth running of our practices. Her role involves business growth and development, implementation of systems and procedures, supporting our whole team and ensuring a high level of patient satisfaction.

With an empathetic heart, Janine enjoys getting to know patients on a personal level. She loves to have a good chat, listen to personal stories, encourage patients in their journey and celebrate their return to good-health.

If you have any compliments or concerns, she is the person to contact: 

1800 Concussion  |  1800 266 287


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