Concussion treatment will be carried out by physiotherapists who have a special interest in concussion and other head/neck related conditions, such as headache and migraine. All physiotherapists have been involved in extra research and study to provide ‘best practise’ in assessment and treatment of all types of Concussion conditions.

Concussion injury can cause numerous issues to a variety of different body systems.  These include headache, dizziness, fatigue, light sensitivity, tinnitus, neck pain, poor concentration and confusion.

Diagnosis of Domains of Dysfunction is crucial to address all the areas effectively, thus enabling the most successful and speedy recovery.

Post-concussion syndrome occurs when a number of the common concussion symptoms continue for longer than six weeks, the usual maximum period of time for recovery. This is the generally accepted time period for the ‘energy’ dysfunction in the brain to recover.

Ongoing symptoms can be caused by any of the 8 Domains of Concussion Treatment outlined below:

The program carried out at Sydney Concussion Centre uses best practice techniques, established by the latest research to assess the Domains of Concussion This involves a wide range of techniques to determine where your concussion symptoms are originating. Once the areas of dysfunction are determined, a specific treatment and exercise program is developed to address the issues and expedite recovery.

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